Fast-food workers to launch intensified protests across U.S.

The protests, announced on Twitter by organizer Fight For 15, come as cities across the nation propose minimum wage increases while Democrats seek to raise the federal minimum wage ahead of this year’s mid-term congressional elections. Fast food workers have launched a series of protests over the last nearly two years to bring awareness to their demands, which include the right to unionize without retaliation. In one of the last major actions, restaurant workers launched rallies in 150 cities, including Boston, Chicago, New York and Miami in May. This time, organizers are staging walkouts in more than 100 cities and plan to use nonviolent civil disobedience tactics such as sit-ins, The New York Times reported. http://dlvr.it/6nVdZx

'No military solution' to Ukraine crisis, UN chief warns

UN Secretary General Ban Ki-moon warned Western powers Tuesday “there is no military solution” to the Ukraine crisis, after the government in Kiev accused Russia of launching a “great war”. As NATO prepares to upgrade its combat readiness in eastern Europe, Ban said he was greatly concerned at developments in Ukraine and wanted to avoid further deterioration to “a very chaotic and dangerous situation”. “I know the European Union, the Americans and most of the Western countries are discussing very seriously among themselves how to handle this matter,” he told reporters during a visit to New Zealand. His comments came after European-mediated talks on the fast-escalating crisis opened Monday behind closed doors in the Belarussian capital Minsk, attended by Ukraine government, separatist and Russian envoys. http://dlvr.it/6nVdRt

Hong Kong police arrest 19 in pro-democracy scuffles

Hong Kong police said on Tuesday they arrested 19 people during scuffles with pro-democracy activists prompted by China’s decision not to allow the Asian financial hub to choose its next leader. The 19, aged between 20 and 45, were arrested on Monday for illegal assembly, trying to force their way on to a carriageway, charging a police line and for pushing barriers, a police spokeswoman said. Police used pepper spray to disperse activists as Hong Kong center braces for a wave of disruptive protests against China’s decision. Hong Kong is in the midst of a political upheaval as activists in the former British colony push for full democracy. http://dlvr.it/6nVdLN

Putin’s boots are on the ground – why not ours? - Telegraph.co.uk


Putin’s boots are on the ground – why not ours?
There is a disturbing sense of déjà vu about Vladimir Putin’s suggestion that the best way to bring an end to the fighting over the disputed provinces of eastern Ukraine is to grant them independent statehood. Six months ago, he advanced a similar argument …
Ukrainian troops lose ground against rebel advanceseuronews
Obama to Deliver Warning to Putin on NATO’s FrontierBusinessweek
Putin Reportedly Tells EU: ‘If I Want, I Can Take Kyiv In Two Weeks’RadioFreeEurope/RadioLiberty
BBC News -iAfrica.com -Zee News
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Surrey teen goes online to raise cash for a new hand - Vancouver Sun

Vancouver Sun

Surrey teen goes online to raise cash for a new hand
Vancouver Sun
By Drew Daniel’s estimate, it will be either a decade or next week before his dream of having a second functioning hand will finally become reality. It will come down to the success of an online crowdsourcing effort the 18-year-old Surrey resident recently …
He just needs a (robotic) hand: BC teen crowdfunds for state-of-the-art prostheticNational Post

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Ukraine accuses Russia of ‘undisguised aggression’ as rebels advance - Reuters


Ukraine accuses Russia of ‘undisguised aggression’ as rebels advance
KIEV/MOSCOW (Reuters) - Ukrainian President Petro Poroshenko accused Russia on Monday of “direct and undisguised aggression” which he said had radically changed the battlefield balance as Kiev’s forces suffered a further reverse in their war with …
Ukraine rebels pull back from independence demands at cease-fire talksFox News
Ukraine crisis: ‘Russia has launched a great war’BBC News
Pro-Russian Rebels Lower Demands in Peace TalksBoston.com
euronews -Sydney Morning Herald -News24
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Kirsten Dunst blames iCloud as FBI joins hunt for nude photo hacker - Sydney Morning Herald

Sydney Morning Herald

Kirsten Dunst blames iCloud as FBI joins hunt for nude photo hacker
Sydney Morning Herald
‘Hope you feel great about yourselves’: intimate moment exposed · How to best secure photos taken on your iPhone. Kirsten Dunst has emerged as the first celebrity affected by the massive release of stolen private images to publicly point a finger at Apple’s …
Celebrities hacked: How to protect your privacyCTV News
Apple probes report that iCloud was hacked to gain stars’ photosLivemint
Apple, FBI investigate massive celebrity photo ‘hack’New Vision
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